Soaring the skies – Swiss International Air Lines


Swiss International Air Lines, the airline of Switzerland, renowned for its high quality services, is our perfect partner for travel to Europe. We love the quality service, attractive prices and the best fare offers available for destinations to Zurich and beyond. 

Naturally, being a seasoned traveller, I love to assess what airlines offer and if the costs match up to their service offering to the end consumer. SWISS has lived up to the expectations and standard of services we are used to always for what they offer out of the Middle East.

SWISS operates flights via its main hub, Zurich, and the regional airports of Basel and Geneva, its fleet serving numerous European and international destinations. The airline embodies Swiss values such as “personal service”, “in-depth quality” and “typical Swiss hospitality”.

The airline continually expands the range of services and options it offers its customers. The website offers customers an entirely new online brand and product experience. “World of SWISS” takes them on a scrollable virtual journey that presents the company as “The Airline of Switzerland” through a variety of different themes. The feature also underscores SWISS’s close alignment and commitment to Swiss values and traditions.

With SWISS, we can reach our destination in style thanks to SWISS-made flair, elegance and unparalleled hospitality. Travellers can take off and relax on the new air-cushioned seats in SWISS Economy and enjoy the hearty meal served on board. In addition, when ready to fly, check-in conveniently online and even choose seats and baggage drop off is available at the airport’s SWISS counter.

Travelling on SWISS Business, travellers can dine in style, accompanied by the latest in in-flight entertainment, impeccable service and rest in the two-metre lie flat air-cushioned bed. The new seating arrangement in the cabin gives customers high degrees of privacy, room and the freedom to move around, along with greater stowage space. Culinary needs are amply met, too, in the form of a five-course menu, which, like its First Class counterpart, has been specially created by the finest Swiss chefs.

Comfort, luxury, peace, quiet and privacy are the hallmarks of SWISS First. The experience begins with separate check-in on arrival at the airport and dedicated lounges prior to departure; and, once aboard, the traveller is introduced to the full SWISS First product with its generously-sized cabin, its individualized service and extras that include a toilet kit and slippers, special anti-noise headphones and top-quality pyjamas.

SWISS offers a “suite above the clouds” in its First Class cabin. The SWISS First Seat features air cushion – adjustable to any firmness or softness, and converts to a totally lie-flat bed over two metres long. With the additional “guest seat”, SWISS First travellers can also have their travel companion join them to eat or to work.

SWISS Lounges are a guarantee of comfort, calm and relaxation far away from the usual airport bustle for travellers awaiting departure. At Zurich and Geneva, the three-lounge complexes offer dedicated facilities for First Class, Miles & More Senator and Business Class travellers.

Elegant design, a luxury ambience, Swiss hospitality and carefully-selected food and beverages are all provided throughout, along with modern meeting facilities. SWISS First and SWISS Business guests and frequent travellers flying to Zurich can also freshen up after they land: the Arrival Lounges include showers and rest areas as well as selected food and drinks.

Upon arrival in Zurich, travellers enjoy the eclectic mix of discovery, pleasure, nature and culture, rolled into one. The lifestyle capital on water offers the finest culinary highlights, unlimited shopping pleasure along the high street Bahnhofstrasse, over 50 museums and more than 100 galleries, Switzerland’s liveliest nightlife, numerous events and countless green oases in the center of the city which will surely lure guests to linger and enjoy.

SWISS connects travellers to 106 destinations in 49 countries from Zurich, Basel and Geneva. The airline operates A330-300 to Zurich via Dubai, with three class configuration First, Business and Economy, offering travellers connections to and from Europe, the US and Canada.
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