Turkish Airlines redesigns the travel comfort with “Flow Sleeping Set”.

Turkish Airlines redesigns the travel comfort with “Flow Sleeping Set” (2).jpg

Bringing various innovations to the sky in order to ensure a perfect travel experience for its guests, Turkish Airlines now offers the new “Flow Sleeping Set” to the passengers with its wondrous design. Starting with Feb 19, the new collection offered in Business Class promises a sleep as comfortable as your home, only above the clouds.

Produced with the successful collaboration of Turkish Airlines and Zorlu Tekstil while carrying the signature of expert designers, collection aims to offer a healthier and higher quality sleep environment.

Combining elegant lines with comfort, all pieces of the new set are developed with the expectations of the passengers who want to enjoy a relaxing sleep in order to finish their flights in a happy and fit state. The design of the collection reflects Turkish Airline’s “Flow” philosophy that represents the airline’ dynamic brand identity and continuous service concept. Opting for contemporary and minimalist designs, the materials of the collection were all chosen for their comfort and ability to help sleep. The patterns of the collection are also visually compatible with the designs of the new cabin uniforms and cabin interiors.

Chief aspects of the Flow Sleeping Setare its blanket, sleeping pad and pillow. The “blanket” of the collection possesses a two-sided design along with a soft texture. Thanks to its ability to support air flow, the product also helps maintaining the ideal temperature during all four seasons. In addition to this, the “sleeping pad” provides an orthopedic surface for sleep and with its dense interior filling, it offers extra comfort and ease. Besides them all, the ‘pillow’, which can be used during both sitting and sleeping, designed with an ideal size, classical form, and very comfortable materials.

Sharing his views on this new sleeping set, Turkish Airlines Catering & Inflight Products SVP, Zeki Çukurstated; “With İstanbul Airport, our new home, we continue to add new innovations to the change we are going through. Our passengers will now experience the quality improvement, brought by these innovations, in their sleep with our ‘Flow Sleeping Set’. We prepared our new products after a lengthy R&D and design period as they offer a unique experience with their design and comfort. We are happy to host our Business Class passengers with the comfort of their homes during their intercontinental travels.”



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