Cavotec Airports to become Dabico Airport Solutions

Cavotec Airports will be re-branded to Dabico Airport Solutions, following its upcoming divestment from the Cavotec group. With a renewed focus on growth, innovation, and service, Dabico Airport Solutions is set to expand its existing offering that enables its customers to maximise safety, availability, efficiency, and sustainability. 

“Building on Cavotec Airport’s 50-plus year track record in the industry, Dabico is now well-positioned to devote its extensive expertise into continued product development and long-term growth – one of our key growth drivers will be a number of new products that we plan to launch in the months ahead,” says Juergen Strommer, Dabico Airport Solutions CEO designate. 

Dabico plans to showcase its full range of innovative ground support systems – and premiere three new products – at the upcoming Dubai Airport Show that kicks off on 17 May. 

The company’s vital role as a trusted partner to the aviation industry is defined in its vision statement “Accelerating our journey towards a sustainable future, and mission to bring innovative solutions to the aviation industry that safeguard people and protect the environment, while increasing productivity

As a leading ground support equipment manufacturer and service provider, Dabico Airport Solutions offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art, turn-key systems for contact gates, remote aprons, and maintenance repair and overhaul hangars for commercial and defence applications. 

Its innovative solutions include 400Hz and 28VDC ground power units, pre-conditioned air systems, wet services and fuel systems that are integrated under passenger boarding bridges or in in-ground pits and tunnel systems. These systems reduce the use of mobile diesel-driven ground support equipment and quicker shut down of aircraft APUs, resulting in better operator safety, reduced environmental impact, and faster turnaround times driven by efficient and reliable operations. 

Dabico Airport Solutions brings together former marque Cavotec brands of Combibox, Dabico, Fladung, INET, and Meyerinck, to create a unique airport solutions provider. Cavotec announced the divestment of its Airports division to the Fernweh Group in February. Under private ownership, Dabico expects to have the agility to make decisions faster and the flexibility to invest in the future. 

“We are excited by the opportunity to acquire the Cavotec Airport business and look forward to working with management to continue to strengthen the business. The acquisition is an integral part of Fernweh’s investment thesis and will be a strategic platform on which to build a major airport ground support equipment franchise,” says Nick Santhanam, CEO of Fernweh Group.


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