New Technologies Being Adopted by Aerospace Industry at Incredible Rate
Smart manufacturing will be featured at the Dubai Airshow 2019 as both a dedicated exhibition pavilion and a knowledge sharing conference. Industry insiders predict the future benefits of smart manufacturing to enable greater affordability, quality, customisation and speed-to-market innovation.
The inaugural Smart Manufacturing conference and pavilion at the Dubai Airshow will bring together key stakeholders from the industry to discuss additive manufacturing, big data processing capabilities, industrial connectivity and advanced robotics.
Smart manufacturing aims to take advantage of advanced information and manufacturing technologies to enable flexibility in physical processes to address a dynamic and global market.  The aerospace industry is an early adopter of smart manufacturing as the transition to what has become known as Industry 4.0, or the “fourth industrial revolution” takes place.
Research by Capgemini found that, as of March 2017, 62% of aerospace and defence companies had a smart manufacturing initiative. This figure demonstrates the industry’s investment in the sector is greater than the automotive sector (50%) energy and utilities (42%), consumer goods (40%), and life sciences and pharmaceuticals (37%).
Adoption of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, technology alone is already very high among aerospace firms, with major players already benefitting from the advantages it provides. Earlier this year, Boeing signed a five-year collaboration agreement with engineering group Oerlikon to develop standard materials and processes for metal-based additive manufacturing; while Emirates Airline is using selective laser sintering (SLS) to make cabin parts for its aircraft, including video monitor shrouds and cabin air vent grills.
Stratasys has launched a new material – a PEKK (Polyetherketoneketone)-based high-performance thermoplastic called Antero 800NA which is specifically for 3D printing high-temperature, chemical-exposed parts, such as those in aerospace. The potential benefits will impact aircraft manufacturers and operators carrying out retrofits, as well as others who need to respond to demands for customisation, low volumes and quick turnarounds.
Dubai has a dedicated 3D Printing Strategy, with the goal of having 25 per cent of Dubai’s buildings 3D printed by 2030, making the Dubai Airshow the ideal platform to bring these two industries together.
Michele van Akelijen, Managing Director of show organisers Tarsus F&E LLC Middle East, says, “Smart manufacturing technology is having a game-changing effect on the aerospace industry, with its impact ranging from OEMs to airlines and many more. Dubai Airshow has always been the place to discover the latest industry innovations, and the addition of smart manufacturing to the show’s features ensures that our attendees will continue to benefit from cutting edge expertise.”
Smart Manufacturing will be one of many features at the Dubai Airshow 2019, which will also include the Space Conference and Pavilion, Cargo Connect, Airport Solutions Dubai and Global Air Traffic Management (GATM). For more information or to book your space, please contact



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