Turkish Airlines reveals Q1 traffic results and sheds the light on the most recent aviation trends in the UAE

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to more countries than any other airline, has announced during the Arabian Travel Market 2018 in Dubai, UAE, that travellers to Turkey flying from the Middle East region has increased during the first quarter of the year.

During the first quarter, increase in demand and total number of passengers was 22% higher than the same period of last year. Total number of passengers from the Middle East region was 5.6 million last year.

Furthermore, during the first quarter the total Load Factor improved by 6.5 points recording the highest load factor in Turkish Airlines history for the first quarter, while international Load Factor increased by 7 points. Airline seat capacity grew by 11.4%.

Commenting on the results, Muhammed Fatih Durmaz, Turkish Airlines Vice President Sales, Middle East & Cyprus, said: “2017 was a successful year for Turkish Airlines in terms of our global fleet and network expansion and we have high expectations of 2018 as we see the Q1 results and continue to build momentum for our excellent in-flight and customer service. Our network expansion has also been a pivotal step in supporting the increasing customer demand in all our markets, including the UAE and the Middle East. Through new and innovative features, as well as having a growing fleet, our aim is to provide customers with the best possible options, both in terms of new destinations and innovative products and services.”

Turkish Airlines has also unveiled the results of a recent commissioned study conducted by Nielsen research on “2017 Aviation Trends in the UAE” during Arabian Travel Market, which sheds the light on where the industry is going in 2018. Internet and mobile phone connectivity, fewer queues at check-in and even onboard gyms are just some of the items on the wish list of the UAE’s airline travelers.

Commenting on the study results, Muhammed Fatih Durmaz, Turkish Airlines Vice President Sales, Middle East & Cyprus, said: “It is very interesting to see how the travel and airlines industries are shifting with the transformation into the digital era, and how travellers are now relying more than anytime before on automated services and convinenience provided by technology. At Turkish Airlines, we continue to work closely with our different partners to provide our customers with the best travel experience and hospitality that make their journeys memorable”.

As Turkish Airlines strives to understand and consider the demands of its passengers, the airline’s last results are a proof of its success. In addition to providing convenient travel experiences to passengers, the top five image attributes, that successed to reach almost to the top level, given to Turkish Airlines increased significantly compared to previous period. According to the UAE travellers, its “safe airline” perception ranked equal first with its good reputation, while good service onboard, value for money, and flying to many destinations are the primary dynamics that made the airline an optimum preference for them.


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