Abu Dhabi Airports’ MTC gives back to nature

The green campaign includes on-site clean up drive and off-site “Give a Ghaf” action

Abu Dhabi Airports rolled out last week “Giving Back to Nature” campaign, as a corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiative aiming to create value through environmental practices. The green initiative is designed and driven by Abu Dhabi Airports’ Sustainability and HSE team at the MTC and its related support facilities as a demonstration to their commitment to deliver this iconic infrastructure at world-class standards with minimal impact of its surrounding environment.

The campaign consists of two parts, the first being an MTB site cleanup drive, which Abu Dhabi Airports carried out last week, jointly with 11 companies from the project’s construction management agencies and contractors, including AECOM, Jacobs, KBR, TCAJV, CCCEP, L&T, CSCEC, Pivot, HLG, Cloisall, LDN, HWA and ADB. The drive saw a total of 400 participants from workers, supervisors and employees from all of these entities taking part in the clean-up of around 100,000 SQM of areas around the Midfield Terminal Complex. At the end of the day participants celebrated the removal of 900 tonnes of construction waste from the site, of which 65% are recyclables, such as steel, wood, concrete aggregates and general waste.

Following the clean-up campaign, attendees are invited to take part in the UAE-wide initiative called “Give a Ghaf” on 11th December to plant 250 Ghaf tree seeds at the Green Works nursery in Al Barari, Dubai. “Give a Ghaf” is a non-profit initiative organized by ‘Goumbook’, entailing the planting of Ghaf tree seeds, an indigenous species in the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia, in specific locations or nurseries around the UAE.

Commenting on this campaign, Abdul Majeed Al Khoori, Acting Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is a key initiative for Abu Dhabi Airports, as it demonstrates our commitment to the community and the environment and embeds the culture of sustainability as well as innovative and collaborative approach amongst our employees, contractors and suppliers. I would like to extend my gratitude to our partners for taking part in the clean-up campaign as this reflects on their sense of responsibility towards our collective impact on the environment. I look forward to “Give a Ghaf” day and to many more green and proactive initiatives from our team.”

The “Giving Back to Nature” initiative is in line with the Year of Giving 2017, launched under the umbrella of Mobadarat, Abu Dhabi Airports’ initiative drive, aimed at encouraging innovative and proactive approach towards developing the work environment and business operations.

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